• Your Challenges

    We hear about major challenges from companies who are trying to open up their innovation, working with new partners like startups and other companies. These are the odds you are up against:

    Making the case

    Top level commitment makes or breaks most collaborations, sooner or later. Starting one is easy. What happens when priorities collide? We know how to determine if the company is really prepared, and can help you create truly compelling cases, while aborting others in time.

    Getting support

    Many collaborations fail because key contributors and gatekeepers in the company can't or won't deliver in time, or not at all. There are do's and don'ts in getting key stakeholders to back collaborations. We can help you obtain their cooperation.

    Building trust

    Getting people from different cultures and organizations to understand and trust each other is not easy. Many collaborations fail from a lack of cooperation and mismanaged expectations. We can help you organize the right introduction, and follow up with effective coordination methods.

    Showing results

    Half of collaborations do not succeed: wasting money and time, and limiting opportunities and careers. We can help you setting valuable and realistic goals, and managing expectations. Show early success to keep buy-in, and the link with ultimate outcomes which will propel the business.

  • Are you serious?

    Startups have been all the rage for some years now.
    Some have completely disrupted markets, while bigger companies struggle to stay relevant.
    By now, big enterprise knows it cannot rely on unilateral corporate innovation alone. Initiatives to connect with the startup scene abound, and so are innovation activities with suppliers, customers and other companies.

    At Teeming, we don’t expect that companies with different cultures, scale, visions, and interests magically bond together.

    For instance, returns on corporate/startup engagement have often been disappointing, for both sides.

    But companies are learning. To be successful, they are moving on from aimless innovation theater and tech tourism, to collaborations which deliver results. Those results will go far beyond the current scope of building and acquiring new products and businesses, implementing a chosen strategy. Collaborations will be more and more used to inform the strategy: testing hypotheses about client needs, technological possibilities, and resulting markets. People in the core business will be involved more broadly and more deeply.


    There is a new kind of professional emerging: the person who cannot help but get involved into new directions for the company, often by making the first suggestions. Knowing that others have the final say, and still others will often do the actual building, all the while leaving an important task to this innovation professional. Because someone will have make the cases. Make the connections. Manage the process. Show the results.


    Do you see yourself in this role?

    Do you recognize the challenges?
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