• Startups. Are you serious?

    Startups have been all the rage for some years now.
    Some have completely disrupted markets, while bigger companies struggle to stay relevant.
    By now, big enterprise knows it cannot rely on corporate innovation alone. Initiatives to connect with the startup scene abound.

    At Teeming, we don’t expect that enterprises and startups magically bond together.

    The returns on corporate/startup engagement are often disappointing, for both sides.

    We hear about major challenges from companies who have been working with startups.

    Do you recognize these challenges?
    That's where Teeming comes in. Click here to read about what we do.

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    How to pitch the case for startup collaboration strategically and obtain top-level commitment?

    Secure support

    How to get key stakeholders to buy into the opportunity and contribute where it matters?

    Build trust

    How to manage mutual expectations and build the necessary trust to overcome the unavoidable hurdles?

    Show results

    How to demonstrate success: early wins to keep buy-in, as well as ultimate results to propel the business?

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