• What can we do for you?

    Teeming specializes in guiding corporate innovation partnerships with startups as well as multi-stakeholder, cross-industry collaborations. We use the latest insights from research and our network neutrally acting in the interests of all parties.


    Are you seeking more results from your collaborative innovation efforts, with Teeming you will get:

    • A clear strategic agenda for collaboration plus aligned stakeholders
    • Best practice playbooks, methods, and tools for collaboration models like Venture Clienting or Co-development
    • Sourcing and rigorous matching of potential partners securing common objectives, mutual needs and willingness to share risk and rewards
    • Collaborative venture coaching, trust and work rhythm as a condition for innovation outcomes

    We are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and work with clients throughout Europe. Typically, our assignments come from Strategy Directors, Innovation Directors, M&A Directors, CIOs, CMOs, and CDOs.


    Reference the below client assignments, as a sample of our work.

    If you think we might be able to help you too, please drop us a note.

    Set up your next program

    We design and lead open innovation programs, in which international startups are selected to participate in a tailored accelerator program which helped them set up one-on-one collaborations with corporate innovators.

    Challenge your plans

    We review funding proposals for collaborative ventures. We are valued for our independent and outside perspective, to counter groupthink and tunnel vision. We also provide best practices in venture governance.

    Inspire the board

    We speak truth to power. Innovation requires different skills and focus from a big company's leadership. We provide best practices to individual leaders and collective boards on how to drive and manage collaborative ventures.

    Improve startup sourcing & matching

    Startup sourcing can be costly. Moreover, how to separate the chaff from the wheat? We developed efficient sourcing & matching strategies that also short-circuit the time needed for internal alignment.

    Establish clear measure points

    How to assess the Return on Collaboration? We put together granular dashboards that diagnose delivered value and ease communication with stakeholders.

    Orchestrate multi-stakeholder collaborations

    Ecosystems and MSC (multi-stakeholder collaborations) spanning big companies, startups, scale-ups, and other stakeholders are on the rise. As 'orchestrator,' we help find common ground and trust among partners and encourage them to innovate together, creating new opportunities for all.

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